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Why Fozao

Buy crypto online with debit card - Fozao

Secure and Professional

Our traders, with many years of experience, can efficiently process every gift cards and debit cards.

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Instant Delivery

We offer a secure platform that features instant crypto delivery to your wallet. SEPA & FPS payment methods available.

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World-Class Support

We provide live support, 24/7, via instant chat, email, and phone so you’ve always got someone to talk to.

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Fozao World-Class Support

24/7 support

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Efficient and Securely Sell and Trade Your Gift/Debit cards,Quickly get your Bitcoin or Naira cash.

Buy Crypto Instantly - Fozao

Buy BTC with debit & credit cards

Fozao provides you with quick and easy access to bitcoin, allowing you to buy Bitcoin with your Greendot / Walmart Moneycard / MyVanilla / Moneylion debit and credit cards.

The Fozao crypto wallet

Fozao offers a secure and simple way to store your cryptocurrency in an online digital wallet. You can create your Fozao crypto wallet today.

Buy crypto with debit cards - Fozao
Buy crypto with credit cards - Fozao

Exchange cryptocurrencies now

Exchange your fiat for Bitcoin, or turn your Bitcoin into cash, using your Visa or Mastercard, debit, or credit cards.

How it works

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1. Exchange rate for asking cards

Chat with us to confirm the amount of the card and the exchange rate.

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2. Provide your wallet address

Select which coins you would like to buy bitcoin, sell gift cards or trade.

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3. Receive your coins

We will send your coins to your digital wallet within 5 minutes of payment approval

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